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Created by Bisagna Suh (Director) and Nabil Abdulkadir (Director of Photography)


Present day Washington, DC. Imani is an artist and director working to pursue her dream at any cost. She spends her days running from gig to gig, directing music videos, and working on projects alongside other artists. It’s not reliable money, but Imani refuses to sell out. She lives with her older brother, Hakeem, a real estate broker in North Capitol, or what today is commonly referred to as NoMA. When tensions between the two boil over, Hakeem puts his foot down, and Imani’s life is turned upside down as she’s forced to fend for herself and confront deep-seated divides in an ever-changing city.  


As artists who grew up and still live in the DMV area, Bisagna and Nabil understand the landscape well and how inaccessible the city has become for local artists in the area. Imani is the first narrative film project for the duo. With Imani, Nabil & Bisagna hope to take a topic that is usually looked at from a strictly informational approach and add a personal narrative to it. Their work is rooted in a love for music and has been inspired by music from local artists of today and the older sounds of DC.


Imani includes imagery of present-day Washington, DC. Footage of the city is interwoven with immersive shots that take the viewer into the heart of local art and music scene in this short film. The rigidity of the neighborhood's construction sites and sterile buildings are juxtaposed by intimate scenes from video production sets, studios, and music gatherings. Everyone knows everyone; there's a sense of implicit trust and care - and the music makes the city feel most alive. Original songs from artists in the DMV area are included in the soundtrack to this short film, further embedding the viewer in the culture of the DC art and music scene.